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Arcatech Limited has developed an integrated and modular test platform for VoIP and TDM testing (Emutel | Harmony). Our innovative approach enables test engineers to specify a system that meets the port density and protocol requirements to their exact requirements.

The Emutel | Harmony is truly leading the way in the 'next generation' of telecommunications test platforms. This enables our customers to buy into a platform within budget which they can add to as their requirements expand.


With a long track history in ISDN network simulation, Arcatech is repected across the world by many leading telecoms companies. We are known as an innovative design and development company providing robust and quality products for labs, test houses and production lines from California to Japan - Australia to the UK


Arcatech brings it's vast range of technical expertise to the area of V5 V5.1 V5.2 testing. Offering one of the most cost effective tools available today for V5 testing the Emutel Virtuoso.


Arcatech Limited brings a host of surperb features to the xDSL developer in the form of the Emutel™ Maestro. The product incorporates a variety of modules based on various DSL manufactures chipsets combined with powerful debug and testing software modules