Bulk Call Generator

The emutel™|Harmony is a scalable TDM and VoIP Bulk Call Generator, designed to meet the needs of equipment developers and manufacturers..

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ISDN Simulator

The emutel™|Symphony is fully featured PRI, BRI and PSTN simulator, Symphony uses the industry standard ISDN chip set for reliability and accuracy...

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SIP Testing solution

Testing SIP & H.323 using our Call Generator the emutel™ SIP Harmony. Comes with drag & drop scripting engine....

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ISDN Multiplexer

The Acaplex | Horizon is a Primary Rate ISDN multiplexer, breaking up an incoming PRI line from the Network operator into either Basic Rate ISDN or Analog FXS port...

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Special Offers

Special price available on selected aractech products and extra discount plus free upgrades for education...

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Regression Tests

The emutel™|Harmony allows automate testing and verify if new releases and updates doesn't affect stability and quality of the product under test...

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