Typical Applications

  • Conerting PRI to BRI or Analog
  • PSTN and BRI over E1/T1
  • PRI to BRI for video conferencing
  • ISDN Multiplexing

Available Interfaces

  • 2x PRI + 8 - 16 BRI-S or BRI-U
  • 2x PRI + 16 - 32 Analog interfcaes
  • 2x PRI + 8 BRI + 16 FXS ports
  • up to 64 BRI or 126 PSTN with 6U system

Voice and data over E1 and T1

arcaplex Horizon can be used to broadcast voice and data over PRI between each office location which has ISDN E1 coming in from the network provider which will then convert to BRI-ISDN or Analog

Ney Numbering

Key numbering allows you to set up the same telephone number for a group of ports within the Symphony. Each port continues to have its own unique telephone number but it can also then have a group number.

Chassis Options

  • 2U 19" Rackmount
  • 6U 19" Rackmount

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