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SIP Testing

The emutel™ SIP | Harmony is a highly efficient, cost-effective and flexible tool, invaluable for use in the development, performance verification and pre-deployment testing of many types of VoIP equipment.

The emutel™ SIP | Harmony is a hardware based solution for load, stress, functional and interoperability testing of VoIP (SIP and H.323 including signalling and media traffics). The emutel™ SIP | Harmony provides the capabilities to test SIP and H.323 implementation, verify protocol compliance, proxy servers, Registrars, SIP endpoints and user agents.

The emutel™ SIP | Harmony is very flexible and scalable solution, single system can be configured with up to 8 Ethernet interfaces to generate SIP and H.323 traffic with capability to daisy chain expansion allowing user to cascade up to 8 units together and operate as a single system managed from one control application:

  • Windows Control Suite (drag and drop scripting engine)
  • Web-Interface (test script adjustment and reporting)
  • Command Line Interface (full control and results)

Main Features

Protocol Options:
  • SIP
  • H.323
  • SIP User Agent for IMS (IP Multimedia Subsystem) testing (3GPP p-headers)
Quality of Service Measurement:
  • PESQ P.862.1
  • Wideband E-model R-Factor and MOS
  • Voice Delay
  • Jitter, Out of Packet, Packet Lost
  • No authentication
  • MD5
  • IMS AKA v.1 and AKA v.2 (With option to force IMS(HSS) to re-synchronize with a new SQN (Sequence number) generated by the Harmony)
  • Early IMS Authentication (NASS IMS Bundled Authentication (NBA)) over Gm Interface
  • Early IMS Authentication (GPRS Bundled Authentication (GIBA)) over Gm Interface
Measurement, analysis and statistics:
  • Spectrum Analysis DB Level Narrow band and wide band
  • Network Delay
  • Call setup duration
  • Exhaustive statistics, call records, graphs
  • Max, min and average of quality score results reported on a per call basis
  • Ability to listen source and record audio file
  • Results available in Excel, MySQL and CSV format
Single system capability:
  • 10.000 simultaneous SIP users registration
  • 8.000 SIP signalling endpoints
  • 10.000 SIP calls with RTP traffic
  • G.711 µlaw and A-law, G.721, G.723, G.722, G.728, G.729, G.726-16, G.726-24, G726-32, G.726-40, G729A, G.729D, G.729E, GSM, ILBC

Interoperability Testing with the emutel™ SIP Harmony

The emutel™ SIP | Harmony can be intergrated with emutel Harmony and generate calls between SIP and legacy interfaces. This feature is very useful for gateway and MSAN testing. The emutel™ SIP | Harmony can generate the call through the DUT and answer on the other side. In addition to that emutel™ Harmony allows automate testing of the performance and functionality between multi interfcaes:

  • SIP to ISDN PRI ( E1/T1/J1) and BRI ( both BRI-U and BRI-S )
  • SIP to PSTN and Analog to SIP
  • ISDN (PRI and BRI) to SIP

SIP Equipment Regression Testing

The emutel™ SIP | Harmony is designed to easily automate the task of regression testing, ensuring testing can be carried out in a repeatable manner. Regression testing capability helps to verify that new releases and updates don’t affect stability or quality of the product.

Comprehensive Testing solution for SIP

  • SIP Bulk Call Generator.
  • Easy to use, drag-and-drop script building with the Harmony Script Composer.
  • Off-line script creation ensures the most productive use of emutel™ Harmony at all times.
  • Pre-written scripts provided for most typical test scenarios.
  • Pre-defined call load distribution sequences to simulate real world conditions.
  • GPS time synchronisation for distributed systems across a network.