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emutel™ Pro

Basic Rate and Primary Rate Simulator Overview

Need to test some ISDN equipment or do a demonstration but don't have an ISDN line on hand? Emutel range of ISDN network simulators will solve the problem. Emutel is a family of products which simulate the operation of a carrier network for PRI, BRI and PSTN.

Emutel Pro has the same features as the Emutel but has 2 BRI and 2 PRI which will allow you to test both basic rate or primary rate equipment or basic to primary links to be set up. Emutel Pro has optional network support and protocol analysis.

  • Ideal for product development, testing and demonstrations
  • Make free BRI-BRI, BRI-PRI, PSTN-PRI, PSTN-BRI calls
  • Take your ISDN with you wherever you go
  • Test and develop products for another country's network
  • Simple configuration/management using Windows app
  • Extensive support for supplementary services
  • Leased line operation for testing permanent connection equipment
  • X.25 for testing and demonstrating packet switching equipment
  • Power feeding supported on BRI interfaces
  • Universal power supply allows you to use Emutel in any country
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emutel™ Pro Features

By simulating the operation of a Central Office Switch, emutel Pro provides both Basic Rate ISDN (either U [2 wire] or S [4 wire]) and Primary Rate ISDN (EI or TI) connections which may be used just like regular ISDN lines or employed to carry out equipment testing. (see unit options for more details & link to unit options).

Almost every feature of emutel Pro can be customised, for example, the entire directory numbering structure can be changed. Special numbers activate network conditions such as User Busy or Call Rejected and line power can be switched on or off.

emutel Pro is also extremely easy to use with indicator LEDs showing at a glance what each terminal is doing and a windows application program displaying Protocol Analyser information and allowing simple device configuration.

emutel Pro is a truly international product. By plugging in personality cards the system can accurately emulate ISDN variants in a whole range of different countries. Cards are available for BTNR 191 (UK), VN3 (France), ETSI (Europe), ITR6 (Germany), NTT (Japan) and AT&T 5ESS, National-ISDN & Nortel DMS100 (North America). Network dependent supplementary services are also supported.

At just 2.7 Kg emutel Pro is easily portable and, since terminals can be powered directly from the interfaces, it really is the ideal system for use at demonstrations, presentations and exhibitions. In addition emutel Pro 's universal power supply, which automatically switches between 240V and 110V, ensures that the system is transferable between the US and Europe without any adaptations.

  • A wide range of interface types allow you to simulate all of the functionality of regular ISDN lines - and much more
  • Configuration is extensive but simple using a windows application or ANSI based terminal
  • Transparent mode allows you to connect a terminal to a regular ISDN line and monitor its operation using the protocol analyser
  • Helpful LEDs show the status of each interface at a glance
  • emutel Pro can emulate different variants of ISDN by changing the PCMCIA personality card at the front
  • Depending on network type a range of supplementary services are supported for telephones and PBXs
  • emutel Pro's weight, size and universal power supply make it a convenient portable network for exhibitions and on site customer demonstrations


BRI Interfaces
2 (any mix of S and U [2BIQ]) (see unit options for more details & link to unit options)
PRI Interfaces
2 (any mix of E1 and T1) (see unit options for more details & link to unit options)
BRI Interface Power

40V, 1W Normal and Restricted on S

40V, 1W Normal and Sealing on U

D Channel Packet
X.25 on BRI1/BRI2, 100 logical calls in DCE mode
Transparent Operation
Available on PRI and BRI Interfaces
X.21 Data Port
4 (1 per interface) 64K-1920K DCE for external equipment access to B channels
Semi-Permanent Connection
Semi-permanent/nailed-up connection on BRI/PRI B channels
B Channels
1 master emutel Pro can drive up to 3 slave emutel Pros to lock ISDN clocks
Display Indicators
P (physical), D (datalink), and B (B channel) per interface
Protocol Analyser (option)
Layer 1, 2, and 3: Configuration for all networks irrespective of networks simulated
Network Variants
CCITT*, BTNR191 (UK), VN2/3 (France), ITR6 (Germany), ETSI (Europe), NAT-1/DMS100/5ESS (North America), and NTT (Japan) - supported by PCMCIA plug-in personality cards
Directory Numbering BRI
Two numbers per Interface normal and twenty numbers per Interface if using DDI/MSN
Directory Numbering PRI
Thirty numbers per Interface normal and one hundred numbers per Interface if using DDI/MSN
Supplementary Service Support
Various depending on network simulated
Test Tones
Dial, Busy, Reorder, Alerting, and Selected Tones 300 Hz-3400 Hz, +3dBm to -26dBm

Price and availability of Emutel Pro can be requested by contacting the Arcatech sales team.


The following configurations are available on Emutelâ„¢ | Pro

2x E1 ports + 2x BRI-S ports
2x E1 ports + 2x BRI-U ports
2x T1 ports + 2x BRI-S ports
2x T1 ports + 2x BRI-U ports
2x E1 ports + 1x BRI-S + 1x BRI-U port
2x T1 ports + 1x BRI-S + 1x BRI-U port
1x E1 port + 1x T1 + 1x BR-S + 1x BRI-U port
1x E1 port + 1 T1 + 2x BRI-S ports
1x E1 port + 1 T1 + 2x BRI-U ports
The following options are available on emutel Pro
Protocol Analyser
1TR6 Support Card
VN3 Support Card
BTNR191 Support Card
Euro-ISDN Support Card
North American Support Card
NTT Support Card



emutel Pro datasheet.

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Euro-ISDN Protocol
NTT Protocol
North American Protocol (National, DMS100, AT&T 5ESS)
BTNR 191
Protocol Analyser
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