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Customer Care

Arcatech supplies its products worldwide both directly from its EMEA headquarters and through a large number of distributors and resellers strategically located in many countries throughout the world. It is our constant endeavour to provide:

  • Professional and timely advice to our customers to maximise their return on investment in Arcatech products
  • Regular software updates to address any issues brought to our attention
  • Provide our customers with equipment, which is both competitively priced and excellent value for money
  • Technical support staff trained to the highest standards to provide an efficient and proactive service
  • Customers with instructions on each new appliance supplied. ensure that customers receive the best possible after sales care

This Customer Charter combined with our Terms and Conditions of Trade and Warranty Agreement, are the basis for a continuing satisfactory and fair-trading relationship between Arcatech | Limited and our customers. We appreciate comment and feedback to improve our customer care so please contact us if you have any suggestions or experiences that you would like to share with us.