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VoIP & TDM Bulk Call Generator

The Emutel Harmony is a scalable ISDN, PSTN and VoIP Bulk Call Generator, designed to meet the needs of equipment developers and manufacturers.

SIP Bulk Call
POST Bulk Call

The Emutel Harmony is scalable from a single card system up to a large 15 card chassis. The unit has a processor card for each linecard meaning performance will never drop no matter how many cards you add.

The Emutel Harmony offers support for the different interface types that exist on PSTN, making it ideal for testing the complete range of products developed by a company.

Bulk Call Generation and Wrap Around Testing VoIP, ISDN, PSTN
Harmony’s Bulk Call Generation and Termination Capabilities

Along with the Emutel Harmony’s port flexibility the unit has strong Call Generation and Termination capabilities designed to making as comprehensive as possible.

Using the Emutel Harmony ‘Composer’ application, scripts can be quickly created to generate high volumes of calls, with multiple calls being made per port (up to 30 on PRI for example).

Once calls are established they can be cleared down straight away or held active for any period of time to simulate different call lengths.

The Emutel Harmony is also capable of terminating calls, so testing of all aspect of any piece of equipment can be carried out.

Harmony's Card Options
  • PRI 8 ports *
  • BRI-S 8 ports *
  • FXO 16 ports with country specific tone and impedance support
  • Multi Function Card giving a small selection of ports on one card for smaller testing applications

* Supports E1/T1/J1, ETSI, National, ATT-5ESS, DMS-100 and NTT network protocols