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ISDN Multiplexing

The Acaplex | Horizon is a Primary Rate ISDN multiplexer, breaking up an incoming PRI line from the Network operator into either Basic Rate ISDN or Analogue FXS ports.

The Arcaplex | Horizon is an ideal piece of equipment for any office which has or requires a number of BRI and Analogue phone lines into their building.

ISDN Multiplexer, 2x PRI to BRI and Analog

Horizon vs Network Providers

Rather than getting your network provider to supply both Analog and BRI lines, the Arcaplex | Horizon only requires a PRI line with the time slots activated needs to be installed. This is usually a much cheaper option as line rental on every Analog and BRI line is not required.

The Arcaplex | Horizon then uses the Called Party telephone number coming in on the PRI line to determine what port to send the call out on.

The option of having both Analog and BRI in the same system gives you the ability to run both standard telephones as well as Video Conferencing equipment from the Horizon unit.