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PRI to BRI for video conferencing

The arcaplex|Horizon is a Primary Rate ISDN (PRI) multiplexer, breaking up an incoming PRI line from the Network operator into either Basic Rate ISDN (BRI) or Analogue FXS ports.

The arcaplex|Horizon is an ideal piece of equipment for an office which currently has a PRI line into their Analogue PBX, but wish to run Video Conferencing equipment which uses BRI.

The arcaplex|Horizon can sit in between the Network Operator and the PBX. Incoming calls to the Horizon are assigned according to their addressed telephone number. If the telephone number has not been assigned to a particular port on the unit then the call is passed through to the outgoing PRI port of the unit which in turn is connected to the office PBX.

ISDN Multiplexer, PRI to BRI for video confernce equioment

Office activities can carry on unaffected by the introduction of the arcaplex|Horizon. There is no need to reprogram any of the functionality of the PBX or to change telephone numbers that are assigned to it. The arcaplex|Horizon simply sits on the PRI line and awaits any incoming calls which are addressed to one of its ports, which in turn will be connected to the companies Video Conferencing equipment.