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Automated Testing

The emutel™ Conductor application makes network testing easy with an extremely user friendly drag and drop scripting interface, designed by engineers for engineers. It’s low cost and time effective solution to automate your testing processes. The emutel™ Harmony comes with a pre-written set of scripts for a number of popular test scenarios: POTS, ISDN BRI & PRI and SIP. Scripts are available for call generation and termination, and to measure the quality of the calls.

Along with the emutel™ Harmony’s port flexibility comes strong Call Generation and Termination capabilities, designed to making testing of any equipment as comprehensive as possible. The emutel™ Harmony can be programmed to automatically run a series of tests. This may be used to test a network each evening to identify any problems in time for them to be resolved before the next working day.

The emutel™ Harmony can be controlled in a number of ways:

  • Windows Application Suite
  • Web-Control Interface
  • Third Party Automated software (via CLI)
  • Telnet - Command Line Interface

A number of scripts can also be made into a schedule with each script being set up for how often it will run and at what time it should run.

All emutel Harmony’s test data and test results are automatically stored in a database and can be accessed via our web-interface reporting application.

The emutel™ Harmony is scalable from a single card system up to a large 15 card chassis. With its design of having a processor card for each line card in the system, performance does not degrade with each additional card added.

The emutel™ Harmony has support for the different interface types that exist on PSTN, ISDN and VoIP making it ideal for testing any product developed for the a Telecommunications network, allowing it to be tested for functionality and interoperability.

automated testing diagram

Depending on chassis size a single emutel™ Harmony system can be configure with:

  • 8-120 PRI ports with support for E1/T1/J1 and the ETSI, National, ATT-5ESS, DMS-100 and NTT network protocols.
  • 8-120 BRI-S ports with Power feeding and support for the ETSI, National, ATT-5ESS, DMS-100 and NTT network protocols
  • 8-120 BRI-U ports with Power feeding and support for the ETSI, National, ATT-5ESS, DMS-100 and NTT network protocols
  • 16-240 FXO ports with country specific tone and impedance support
  • 1-8 port LAN ports which gives support for SIP, IMS SIP and H.323

Each card and each port on each card can be configured independently of any other.

Multiple test cases on single line card

This gives great flexibility in test scenarios. One port on a PRI card may be configured to be running E1 with the ETSI protocol in User mode where as another port is configured to be T1 and using the National protocol in Network mode. This flexibility allows for connection to any type of equipment and to carry out complete wrap around testing if needed.