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Production Testing

The Emutel™ Symphony is Primary Rate ISDN, Basic Rate ISDN and Analogue FXS network simulator.

The Emutel™ Symphony is capable of simulating not only the different interface types but can also simulate a number of protocols, ITU, ETSI, National, ATT-5ESS, DMS100, NTT, VN3, 1TR6, BTNR191 and incorporates Protocol Analysis for each.

The ability to simulate the different protocols and interface types makes it an ideal system for production line testing.

Primary Rate, Basic Rate and Analog Netwrok Simulation

To use real ISDN lines on the production line would mean the customer would incur both the cost of installing multiple ISDN lines as well as ongoing line charges for using these multiple lines during testing. A major benefit in using the simulators is the cost saving. The simulator is a cost-effective method for testing ISDN capability as opposed to purchasing a full switch.

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With the Emutel™ Symphony able to provide multiple interface types in the same box, it therefore allows the customer to test on interfaces that the local telco may not be able to provide (e.g. T1 interface in Europe). This is the same principle for the protocol that will be used with the interface (i.e. ETSI, NTT, etc.)

Finally, the emutel|Symphony is portable in size and this compactness allows the units to be situated on a desk as part of the production line or easily moved to other lines, as may be required.