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Distributed Test Nodes

What are we measuring

End to end quality according to ETSI measurement standards.

  • Setup Through
  • Setup Proc
  • Setup Ack
  • Wait for Ring
  • Alert Through
  • Setup Confirm
  • Wait for Answer
  • Connect Through
  • Disconnect Through
  • Clear Down
  • Durantion
  • PESQ
  • Voice Delay
  • MOS

Test and monitor entire network

Distributed Test Nodes For Quality of User Experience
  • Scripts on unit run & information is sent back to server
  • Each harmony unit can work together or independently

One way test

One way test across the network
  • All calls are generated from Master unit
  • All the results are send back to Master unit during the test in DTMF format
  • All results are calculated by Master unit
  • All the reports are available on Master unit

Low Cost Distributed Test Nodes For Quality of User Experience Flexibility and Customizable Solution

Because of the highly programmable and flexible design of the Emutel Harmony the solution can be tailored to the customers specific testing method and requirements.

Customizable for :

  • Reporting
  • Call Flow
  • Conditional actions after call results
  • Full integration support
  • Control interface
  • Service hosting