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POTS (Analog) Call Generator

FXO and FXS Call Generator with FAX testing Support

The emutel™ Harmony network load generator represents a significant technological advancement in high-capacity call generation. Designed to meet the requirements of today’s developer of both legacy and new generation switches including hardware and software modules. Operators focusing on system integration or revenue and quality assurance will also enjoy the functionality, ergonomics and costs of this solution.

  • The emutel™ Harmony has a VoIP controller which can be activated with SIP and H.323 protocol
  • The emutel™ Harmony is also available with PRI (E1/T1/J1), BRI-S, BRI-U, FXO, FXS and VoIP interfaces
  • The emutel™ Harmony is a high-capacity load generation product designed to test voice and packet network
  • The emutel™ Harmony speeds up your system integration, functional and performance testing
  • The emutel™ Harmony is designed to place calls to or receive calls from other Harmony units to provide a complete wrap around test for any local or global system giving Quality of Service (QoS) measurements


The emutel|Harmony allows the developer or system administrator to simulate various network or user types on a large number of lines. Each port of the Harmony can be individually configured, giving great flexibility across the system for what tests are performed. The emutel™ Harmony is controlled over Ethernet by a PC or workstation. The Harmony script Composer uses drag and drop of individual call parts to build complex scripts on virtual ports. The Harmony Conductor application maps the virtual ports used for script creation to physical hardware ports for the scripts execution. Scripts can be executed from within the Conductor application or with the use of a command set remotely via a Telnet or SSH session.


The emutel™ Harmony provides call progression timers and QoS measurements, allowing for a comprehensive analysis of the operation of the equipment of network under test.

Enhanced Features

Script synchronisation provides the ability to test complex call scenarios such as A->B, A->B, B->A, conference calling, call waiting etc. Fax call generation is available on emutel™ Harmony Analog, Basic Rate and Primary Rate ISDN ports.


The emutel™ Harmony is able to store a large number of scripts and all the required resources to run them. This allows a suite of scripts to be created for a particular testing application and loaded onto the unit. Each script can then be called in turn using the Harmony Conductor application or with the use of CLI commands. With scripts and resources being loaded directly onto the Harmony this allows for script control where only one person has access to the Composer files to make any changes. Anyone else connecting to a Harmony unit can run the scripts that have been loaded.


With the emutel™ Harmony the user gets both high capacity call generation and high performance. Each Harmony line card utilises its own independent resources, so as card numbers increase the overall system performance does not decrease but stays at the same high level.

The emutel™ Harmony cab configure nearly every parameter associated with the generation or answering of a call and therefore it is possible to test for load related issues as well as fundamental integrity issues.