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SIP and H.323 Call Generator

emutel™ SIP Harmony Overview

SIP | Harmony's SIP and H323 Call Generation and Termination Capabilities

SIP Harmony has strong Call Generation capabilities. Using the SIP | Harmony 'Composer' application, scripts can be quickly created to generate high volumes of calls. Once calls are established they can be cleared down straight away or held active for any period of time to simulate different call lengths. The SIP | Harmony is also capable of terminating calls, so complete wraparound testing of any piece of equipment can be carried out.

Key Features of the Harmony SIP and H.323 Call Generator
  • Bulk SIP call generation
  • Easy setup with basic PC configuration
  • Testing UA, Proxy, Redirect Server
  • Regression testing
  • Inexpensive tool for troubleshooting customer VoIP network
  • Exhaustive statistics, call records, graphs
  • Fully compatible with the emutel™|Harmony Control software
  • Sip & H323 Packet capture for analysis within Wireshark
  • Control Interface
  • Specification
  • Configuration
  • Downloads
  • Demo & Prices

Control Interface

Windows Applications

A suite of powerful and intuitive Windows-based applications enables you to quickly and easily design and run multiple test scenarios to verify performance, functionality, capacity and interoperability of the device under test.

Web Applications

The emutel Harmony can be controlled using an Internet Web browser, so with a click of the mouse either a single script or a number of scripts can be initiated to run, after which a test report is generated giving the status of each test.

Command Line Interface

The Harmony may be controlled by using command line interface (CLI) commands and parameters. To access the CLI, the user must login to the Harmony using a Telnet or a SSH session. After starting a telnet or SSH connection to a Harmony using its IP-Address, the user will be prompted to enter the username and password. To transfer files to and from the Harmony, a TFTP server is required on the controlling computer..


emutel™ Harmony is invaluable throughout the product life cycle
  • Development testing (fault diagnosis)
  • PBX testing and evaluation
  • Product evaluation & performance testing
  • Manufacturing (functional testing)
  • Network testing
Interface Options
  • 3 LAN ports: 1 for control, 1 for expansion
  • Up to 4 Eth interfaces for traffics. ( portable )
  • Up to 8 Eth interfaces for traffics. ( 1U module )
  • Up to 12 Eth interfaces for traffics. ( 2U module )
Protocol Options
  • SIP
  • H.323
Supported CODECs
  • G.711 µlaw and A-law, G.721, G.723, G.722, G.728, G.729, G.726-16, G.726-24, G726-32, G.726-40, G729A, G.729D, G.729E, GSM, ILBC
Analysis Options
  • PESQ
  • Protocol Analysis
SIP Call Rates (per Card)
  • 10.000 RTP calls with unique NAI's
  • 10.000 Endpoints / UA
H.323 Call Rates (per Card)
  • 1.000 completed calls per second (signalling only)
  • 1.000 RTP calls with unique NAI's
  • 1.000 Endpoints / UA
Intuitive Test Creation Environment
  • Easy to use, drag-and-drop script building using Harmony Script Composer
  • Off-line script creation ensures most productive use of Emutel™ Harmony at all times
  • Pre-written scripts available for most typical test scenarios


Chassis Options
  • Portable box: 190 x 165 x 43 mm (LWH) / 1.3 kg
  • 1U racmount: (HxWxD): 86 x 447 x 546 cm.
Hardware Options
  • Dual COre CPU Intel i7
  • 1-8 Eth interfcae fro traffic 4 - 8 RB RAM memory 1x LAN ports for cotrol 1x LAN ports for expantion ( daisy-chaining multiple system together )
  • 50 - 150 calls licence ( stadalone SIP box or Harmony buil-in VoIP controller )
  • 150 - 2.500 calls licence ( portable box and 1U SIP module )
  • 2.500 - 10.000 ( 1U rackmount SIP chassis )
Protocol Options
  • SIP
  • H.323
  • DASS2: BTNR 190
  • DPNSS: BTNR 188 & BTNR 189
  • ISDN PRI: Euro-ISDN, North American & NTT variants
  • ISDN BRI: Euro-ISDN, North American & NTT variants
  • T1 CAS, Robbed Bit Signalling and pulse dialling
  • Analog Loop Start and Ground Start



emutel SIP Harmony product PDF datasheet download.

Application Brochure

ETSI Standards testing with the emutel Harmony.


emutel SIP Harmony product PowerPoint presentation.

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