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Windows Application


With the Harmony Composer you can design complex performance test scripts using simple drag and drop operations. Scripts are designed using the basic building blocks provided by the Component Gallery and configured using an intuitive Component Properties window.

The Harmony Composer is a powerful Integrated Development Environment. The composer application enables the user to manage projects, design and build scripts, view compiled scripts and manage resources all within a fully customizable user interface.

Scripts are written on virtual target hardware and with Stack Configurations that allow it to be fully configurable and used for extended performance testing. Scripts are built to produce a file that can be loaded into a target platform for execution.


The Conductor application provides the interface through which the Harmony can be controlled. Scripts generated via the Composer application are loaded and launched via the Conductor. The Harmony Conductor application allows you to run your test scenarios as well as view call statistics, call rates and Quality of Service measurements.

Control Application

The Harmony Control is the application which is used to configure the emutelâ„¢ | Harmony. The units IP address and network gateway can be changed also the firmware on the Harmony can be upgraded through the control application.