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Interoperability testing for xDSL

Interoperability testing for ADSL xDSL VDSL SHDSL Modems

The emutel™ Maestro is an xDSL simulator capable of providing ADSL, VDSL and SHDSL Central Office interfaces for testing DSL modems. The emutel™ Maestro uses a range of plug in DSL modules. These have been designed around a number of different manufacturers chipsets. This gives the customer the capable of testing against different DSLAM chipsets without the need to buy a separate device from each of the different vendors. The current modules available are:

  • ADSL Alcatel DynaMiTe 20150 Annex A
  • ADSL GlobeSpan Titanium GS7066 Annex A
  • ADSL GlobeSpan Titanium GS7066 Annex B
  • ADSL GlobeSpan Titanium GS7066 Annex C
  • ADSL Texas Instruments Annex A
  • ADSL Texas Instruments Annex B
  • SHDSL GlobeSpan Orion G2237
  • VDSL Broadcom BCM6020
  • VDSL Infineon PEB 22812

For each of the modules there is a comprehensive set of parameters which can be configured in order to fully test the interoperability between modem and DSL central office chipset.

The mode of operation whether it’s G.DMT, G.Lite or Multimode, the maximum and minimum transmit and receive bit rates or the Noise margins can all be changed to check the capabilities of the equipment under test.

Testing PPPoA/PPPoE is also possible with PAP and CHAP authentication methods.

In order to carry out testing on the actual download capabilities of the equipment, there is also a build in web server for standalone tests or it is possible to connect the emutel Maestro to and external data source using either Ethernet or ATM-155.

Protocol Analysis is available, this gives back information on connection establishment and then also the data being transmitted on the DSL line.