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Portable ISDN

ISDN product demonstration can often be difficult. To show of the capabilities of your product you require an ISDN network to plug the equipment into, something not always readily available.

The Emutel™ Solo is a perfect solution, small enough to fit into a briefcase and powerful enough to show of the features of your equipment.

The Emutel™ Solo has two Basic Rate ISDN interface ports, independantly switchable between BRI-S and BRI-U.

The Solo comes with a choice of ETSI, North America (National, ATT-5ESS, DMS100) or NTT network protocol support and has Protocol Analysis available. This makes the Emutel™ Solo the idea product to showcase the range of features available on your equipment.

Almost every feature of the emutel|Solo can be customised, from the numbering structure to the numbers used to activate network conditions like User Busy or Call Rejected. Line power can be switched on or off and even delays atted to the B channels to emulate satellite links.

The units compact size makes it something that came be put in a demonstration box and at just 19x16x5 centameters and with a built in battery it is a perfect accommpany for any demo kit.