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  • POTS ( Analog ) Call Generator
    POTS (Analog) Call Generator
    Load Generator
    Automated Testing
    Supplementary Services Testing
    Quality of Services
    V.17 and V34 FAX Line Testing
  • emutel™ Harmony - bulk call generator
    emutel™ Harmony
    Scalable solution for network quality testing
    ISDN PRI (E1/T1/J1), BRI-S and BRI-U,
    PSTN, FXO, FXS and VoIP SIP testing
    in one box
  • Low Cost Distributed Test Nodes For Quality of User Experience
    Network Monitoring Node Application
    Low Cost Distributed Test Nodes for Quality of User Experience
    Monitoring SLA
    Real world testing of assets accross live network
    Measure real time delay

Bulk Call Generator

The emutel™ Harmony is a scalable TDM and VoIP Bulk Call Generator, designed to meet the needs of equipment developers and manufacturers..

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ISDN Simulator

The emutel™ Symphony is fully featured PRI, BRI and PSTN simulator, Symphony uses the industry standard ISDN chip set for reliability and accuracy...

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SIP Testing solution

Testing SIP & H.323 using our Call Generator the emutel™ SIP Harmony. Comes with drag & drop scripting engine ane remote control via Web interface...

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ISDN Multiplexer

The Acaplex | Horizon is a Primary Rate ISDN multiplexer, breaking up an incoming PRI line from the Network operator into either Basic Rate ISDN or Analog FXS port...

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Special Offers

Special price available on refurbished and selected aractech products and extra discount plus free upgrades for education and government body customers...

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Regression Tests

The emutel™ Harmony allows automate testing and verify if new releases and updates doesn't affect stability and quality of the product under test...

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Welcome to Arcatech

Arcatech | Limited is an innovative design and development company committed to providing the ‘next generation’ of telecommunications test solutions. Our combined hardware and software platforms are used in the laboratories of major multinational companies throughout the world to develop, analyze, test and demonstrate many types of telecom equipment. [ read more ]

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We design and manufacture a range of simulators, call generators and infrastructure equipment used in laboratories, development centres and networks worldwide. For many applications our equipment provides a ‘plug and play’ ready to use solution, but when required a tailored solution can be provided... [ read more ]

We are pleased to offer a wide range of Telecom solutions for the technologies listed above. Below you'll find our current applications.

  • Gateway Testing
  • Bulk Call Generation
  • Automated Testing
  • Interoperability Testing
  • Production Testing
  • ISDN Multiplexing
  • PRI to BRI for Video Conferencing
  • Extending BRI-S interface
  • Analog from PRI
  • Portable ISDN
  • BRI-S to BRI-U